Russell :(

What a sad episode. Russell got voted out!!! 😦 I was heartbroken. Mannn, arguably the

best player to have ever played this game, getting voted out third. He starts crying

as he loses the duel, which is quite understandable. The average schmuck getting voted

out, no biggie. But one of the greatest players ever? I feel his pain.

I’m kinda pissed at his tribe for throwing the challenge in order to get him out, but

at the same time they were kinda valid. Russell possibly would have destroyed them had

he gotten the chance and I guess they feared him enough to do something about it while

they still could. And in fact, he did almost do them in. I hate that firefighter lady

for not turning sides. MAN that woulda been awesome!

I think a little Russell tribute is in order. Check out these fantastic fantastic

moves. Only Russell!

Blindside from Survivor Samoa where he brings his tribe back from 7-4.

And arguably the best move in Survivor history (certainly top 3):

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